Tax Returns

Tax Returns

Tax returns can be a complex process and as a result, individuals are left spending more time than is necessary completing the process. With annual changes to tax legislation, it leaves taxpayers risking penalties through failing to complete their returns either correctly or on time.

STS (Europe) Limited aims to relieve the stress caused by self-assessment returns and helping to avoid costly mistakes by providing a comprehensive self-assessment service and ensuring that the client’s return is submitted on time.

By completing all the necessary computations and handling the client’s tax return for them, we can relieve the self-assessment burden, saving precious time and money for the client.

We also deal directly with the HM Revenue & Customs on a clients’ behalf, should a client be selected for a self-assessment enquiry. 

Our full range of tax return services includes the completion and submission of:

  • Self-Assessment Tax Returns
  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Partnership Tax Returns
  • Trust Tax Returns
  • Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax Returns
  • VAT Returns
  • ATED Returns

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