Criminal – Bribery and Corruption

Forensic Analysis & Money Laundering

STS (Europe) Limited provides a service of forensic analysis to assist in tracing assets/monies through bank accounts of individuals, companies and trusts in cases involving bribery, corruption and money laundering.

We have developed, high-level skills in tracing criminal proceeds, using different methodologies appropriate, through multi-jurisdictional entities including individual, corporate and trust bank accounts.

Recently the firm has undertaken a forensic investigation in a bribery and corruption case involving over 120 bank accounts in 10 jurisdictions. Our remit was to trace tainted funds which have been received as a direct result of bribes paid for contracts. The tainted funds in this case identified amounted to US$52M.

We have been able to present the complex data in a way that is straight forward, understandable and capable of being used as evidence in the case.

Our services include:

  • Tracing the proceeds of crime through bank accounts and transactions
  • Identifying assets purchased with the proceeds of crime
  • Locating clean money held by individuals under investigation
  • Highlighting potential UK tax issues relating to criminal cases