Bookkeeping and Accounts

Bookkeeping and Accounts

Whilst a client doing their own bookkeeping may seem like it could save their business money, in practice using a professional can be more time and financially efficient.

Bookkeeping errors can land a business in big trouble. Our bookkeepers are trained in accurate data entry, enabling confidence in the figures they produce. This provides the peace of mind that there will be no missed payments to HMRC or missed tax deadlines. Add to this the benefits of tax planning and business reporting, choosing a local bookkeeper is one of the best decisions you can make. 

As a necessary process for preparing management accounts, bookkeeping is a vital tool for businesses which should be prepared on a monthly or quarterly basis. Monitoring a business’ progress and performance against their budget, as well as improving the ability to chase trade debtors and keep track of suppliers’ invoices, all start with good and complete bookkeeping.

Along with bookkeeping, Directors and Shareholders require up to date accounts to ensure the business is performing efficiently. Whilst there are statutory compliance requirements for preparing and filing company accounts, accurate and up-to-date accounts can help show the expected cashflow of a business and help to manage the company effectively. 

Through STS Accounts we can assist with the most basic form of profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, through to highly bespoke management accounts, financial projection or other forms of measuring, monitoring and reporting to keep a healthy and well managed business.