About STS (Europe) Limited

Our Background

Specialist Taxation Services (STS) was originally formed as a partnership in 1991, before merging with DLA Piper in 2004. In 2008 STS was reformed leading to incorporation as STS Limited in 2010. STS dealt with tax investigations, tax compliance and handled the third highest number of Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility cases with HMRC.

On the 10th anniversary of reforming STS, the company has restructured into Specialist Taxation Services (Europe) Limited (STS (Europe) Limited), to cater for the ever-expanding compliance activities of HMRC.

The firm comprises of several Directors together with a dedicated team of analysts.

Our Directors

Andy Sharp

Andy Sharp has more than 14 years experience as an Inspector of Taxes handling a wide array of cases ranging from district investigations involving individuals and small businesses to serious fraud and avoidance cases involving high net worth clients and partnerships as well as small/large companies and offshore trusts. He also conducted criminal investigations whilst an investigator in Nottingham Special Compliance Office. Prior to leaving HMRC, Andy was the Hansard Group Leader at Liverpool Special Compliance Office, where he was responsible for the implementation of HMRC’s policy in cases of suspected serious fraud.

Since leaving HMRC Andy has acted for numerous clients including high net worth individuals, small and large companies as well as a leading professional sports club. Andy also regularly presents to a number of professional organisations and societies in order to raise awareness of the increasing investigative activities of HMRC and the exchange of information between the UK and foreign fiscal authorities.

Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson joined STS in August 2012, growing along with the company before being promoted to Director following the reorganisation and formation of STS (Europe) Limited. Andrew completed his ATT qualification in 2017 and passed his Chartered Tax Advisor exam in 2021, making him an official associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

During his time at the company Andrew has developed a wide range of skills including client handling, computational work and management of our staff to produce work of the highest possible quality. His experience is based on a detailed tax knowledge ranging from analysing offshore bank accounts for hundreds of LDF cases, to dealing with Code of Practice 8/9 cases together with handling Worldwide Disclosure cases.

Andrew has also overseen the highly complex computational work for a bribery case, involving the identification of corrupt monies laundered through over 100 multi-jurisdictional bank accounts. He also supervised the Mixed Funds Cleansing analysis for clients affected by the new deemed domiciled legislation.